Time to rattle some cages

Normal humans aren’t supposed to understand investments. We’re meant to feel afraid and leave everything to the self-proclaimed experts. With their secret codewords, like ‘dividend yields’ and ‘CGT’.
And if city fat cats keep having it all their own way, they’ll keep our grubby little mitts off the spoils forever.

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Well, not any more

UOWN is rattling the cage of property investment. Sod it: let’s set the thing free.
From now on, secret jargon is out and clearer language is in. The potential profit is back in the hands of the 99%, not just the privileged few. 

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It’s time for change

Bullied by debt and consumption, on an endless bank-rolled treadmill - we’d be surprised if property investment ever crossed your mind. Even though it’s a profitable, proven way to improve your fortunes. Whether that’s with a house, a holiday or something set aside for the kids. This movement - your movement, is living proof that democratic values are alive and kicking. Because UOWN stands for equality for all and power put firmly in the hands of you, us, the people.
Let’s democratise how we put money into property.
We believe there’s righteous decision-making power in this here crowd. Just look at Kickstarter: when enough of us pull together, pool our resources and march towards a common goal, nothing stands in our way.
Now everyone (fat cats or otherwise) can put as much or as little as they like into property and reap the rewards. Without having to talk like a plonker.

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This is the moment when everything changed

It’s time for property investment powered by the rest of us: real people, with hopes and dreams of a better life. Whatever that looks like to you, this is the big bang that makes it all happen.
It begins now.