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What is Easy Exit?

How our resale market works

This article explains how you can use the UOWN resale market to list your shares for sale to other UOWNers.

Meet the UOWNers

We recently spoke to some of the customers that use the UOWN platform to find out more about their reasons for investing and why they chose UOWN.

What is Easy Exit?

Some of our property investments are "Easy Exit". This article explains what Easy Exit means and how it differs from other properties.

How we value our property investments

In this article we discuss how we calculate the investment value and share price when we have properties revalued.

How to Use UOWN

So you understand the basics of property crowdfunding, now you want to know the finer details of how UOWN works? This page explains things step-by-step.

UOWN's Fees and Costs Explained

At UOWN we pride ourselves on being simple, honest and transparent. This article outlines the fees that we charge and the costs that go into running the properties.

Five ways monopoly is nothing like property investing

We love a good game of Monopoly, but it’s absolutely nothing like real-life property investing. Here are five ways the future of property is actually much better.

What is property crowdfunding?

In this article we look at how property crowdfunding works from top to bottom. Looking at the main advantages and disadvantages.

The Student Rental Market

Analysis of the student rental market and the economics behind it.

Why smart money invests in student property

Student accommodation as an asset class is one of the best types of property to invest in, because it offers industry leading returns and is seen by many as a safe investment.

Leeds Investment Case

Leeds is one of the best cities in the UK to invest in property. For those of us that live in and around the region we can all see the great changes that are taking place in the city, whether it be the new John Lewis, Leeds United nearly securing a play off spot or an incoming HS2 rail project there are a lot of reasons to see promise in Leeds.

Saving for your first deposit

A quick guide on the best ways to help you save and maximise your savings for your first house deposit.

Is Buy-to-Let Dead?

In recent years there has been a raft of changes aimed at taming the Buy-to-Let (BTL) market. These changes have pushed landlords to the limit and many have been forced to sell up as once profitable properties have now slipped into the red. Many who still want to remain in property are looking at other avenues where they can make similar returns but without the headache of being a hands on landlord.

The World's Best Student Accomodation

Want to know what the best student accomodation in the world looks like? We look at the worlds most mad and wonderful student accomodation!

Pension Investment Alternatives: Where else you can invest for retirement

Pensions are vital when it comes to retirement but increasingly people are becoming disillusioned with the pension industry and are looking into the alternatives. We have compiled a list of various vehicles that can be used for retirement and given you the lowdown on what each may be able to do for you.

How To Help Prepare Your Child For University

Getting your child ready for life away from the proverbial nest is something that takes a long time, but as the time fast approaches there are a few things you can do to get them and yourself ready for the big day.

How To Get Into Property Development

Getting into property development can be difficult, with lots of potential pitfalls. Here is our guide on how to break into the industry and common mistakes to avoid.

The Best Places In The UK To Invest In Property In 2018

We take a look at the best places to invest in property in 2018.

Student Finance: What Parents Need to Know

Student finance can be a minefield with plenty of places that are easy to trip up. We put together a guide for parents and prospective students to help ensure that you don't fall into some of the most common and overlooked

Bank of Mum & Dad Interest Rates

What rate of interest do parents charge their children? We surveyed 2500 parents to find out.

What You Need To Know About EPC Certificates

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC for short) are a requirement when buying, selling or renting a home. What are they, what do they show and why should you care? Find out all this and more in our guide.

5 Ways Technology Can Help Buy-to-Let Landlords

Technology is helping revolutionise industries but property has been behind the curve. That is changing, we look at five key areas that technology could help you as a landlord. Saving you money and time in the long run.

The Top 20 Side Hustles To Earn Some Extra Money

Looking for a way to make some extra income on the side? Look no further! This ultimate list is packed full of ideas that you can try to earn some more cash in your spare time.

How Long Does It Take To Earn Money As A Buy-To-Let Landlord?

Becoming a private landlord for the first time can be a stressful and protracted process. We look at what it takes to go from a desire to be a private landlord through to becoming one for the first time. We then see how this measures up against property cordfunding with UOWN.

New HMO Legislation: What You Need To Know

Autumn 2018 is set to see a revision of the standard requirements for Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) with the Licensing coming into effect on October 1st. Here we run through everything that you need to know about these legislative changes.

Welcome to Leeds - A City Taking Off

It's Yorkshire Day! We are celebrating all things Yorkshire and the unique companies that make the county a truly beautiful place to live.

How to Stage a House for Sale

A staged home will sell for 17% more on average than a non-staged home, and 95% of staged homes sell in 11 days or less. That is 87% faster than non-staged homes. Thinking of staging your house for sale? We have a guide on the various steps you can take to make you house more desireable.

How to Decorate a Rented House

Decorating a property you rent is not always easy. Adding personal touches doesn't normally fit in with a landlords vision of "hassle free tenants" but there are plenty of things you can do that will keep you on the right side of your landlord.

Budget furniture that still looks amazing

When you are a student or a young professional, finding furniture that fits both your budget and your style can be difficult. Does it have to be one or the other?

Why You Should Invest In Student Accomodation

We take a look at why you should consider investing in student property. There are a number of things to consider and we help you navigate the pros and cons.

The Royal Palaces and their Royal Couples

Which royal palaces would you like to see Prince Harry & Meghan live in after they tie the knot?

Homes of the Rich and Famous

Buckingham Palace may be one of the most expensive properties around the world but is that because of its location? We have taken 8 homes of the rich and famous and relocated them across the UK to see how much the price differs based on the price per square foot in each area. How much would Buckingham Palace be worth if it was in Blackpool or if Beyonce and Jayz's 30,000 ft LA mansion was actually located in Doncaster?

Investment Case: 78 St. Annes Drive

We take an in depth look at St Annes Drive and all the reasons that make it an attractive investment.

78 St Annes Investor Rewards

To celebrate our first Easy Exit property we are offering some of the first UOWNers in St Annes Drive the chance to win some great goodies. To find out more about what they are then this is the article for you!

Why crowdfunding is a great idea!

Crowdfunding is a relatively new idea but it's gaining in popularity. It offers many advantages for new companies and investors alike. Here we dive into why it's gaining popularity so quickly.

The Chancellor’s war on buy-to-let landlords

The buy-to-let squeeze has made investing hell for landlords. Here’s what the Chancellor’s current policies mean for the property market.

Why millennials love property crowdfunding

We’ve taken a look at the key reasons that have drawn millennials to the latest investment opportunity – property crowdfunding.

What are the risks of property crowdfunding?

As with any investment property crowdfunding is not without it's risks. We have listed out the potential risks and also explained what we do to mitigate those risk as much as possible.

Bitcoins vs. Property Crowdfunding

UOWN explains two of the key similarities and differences between investing Bitcoins and Property Crowdfunding.

Why the North is the new South for property investors

The North is the new South when it comes to property investment. UOWN offers ‘proven performer’ properties in Leeds. Investments start at £20 with at least 6.4 percent returns from rental income alone.

Buy-to-Let Changes

We look at the recent regulatory changes affecting buy-to-let properties and what this means for landlords.