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Haaris Ahmed

Haaris is co-founder of UOWN. He studied Economics & Management at St Edmund Hall, Oxford.

Published articles

Property Developments: Explained
Published on
January 30, 2019

This article gives an in-depth look at how UOWN select developments and structure them.

Homeownership: Are Millennials Screwed?
Published on
September 21, 2018

The number of people that own their homes has dramatically dropped. With UOWN you can get onto the property ladder and make sure you don’t get left behind.

Five ways monopoly is nothing like property investing
Published on
July 24, 2018

As you might expect from a property crowdfunding start-up, Monopoly is by far our favourite board game at UOWN. Not only is it the perfect test of tactics and financial acumen, but it was also first printed down the road from us in Leeds and our sister company Parklane Group is also a nod to one of the most exclusive properties on the board.