Property Financing

We have industry experts available to help with property development funding, and we have a range of finance products that can be tailored to suit you and your development project.

UOWN is a trusted partner,
experienced developer,
and a transparent platform.

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Trusted by over 3000+ users

Projects totalling £3,500,000+

Expertise provided by The Parklane Group

Development financing made simple

We know that the UK needs properties and there are people wanting to develop them. So let us be the link that brings all this together and introduces practical property development funding to property developers.

All made possible by the power of the crowd.

Strength in numbers

Our crowdfunders have bought into this because the power of the crowd makes property investing more accessible and allows for diversification.

Flexible financing

Whether it’s your first development project or part of a wider portfolio, we have flexible and structured options.

Engaged Investors

There is no need to involve and pay for a broker to agree the loan for you, UOWN has all the information and can deal with all the necessary application processes.

We do the hard work

UOWN is always available to answer questions, provide information and offer guidance. We are not a faceless bank and you will be in direct contact with us.

The facts and figures of our typical deals

70% maximum LTV

Finance from £25,000 - £5,000,000

Avg funding time of 28 days

Preliminary decisions reached in 48 hours

How UOWN can fund your property development

UOWN can replace various traditional means of property development financing and we can offer the right package to suit your development.

Flexible property financing options

We understand that you need additional finance for your project, but that everyone’s circumstances are different.

If the basics sound right, we can talk to you and work out the best way to fund your development. We can be flexible on:

  • The project type. We can fund refurbishments and new developments.
  • Property development loan size.
  • Property value.
  • Structure of funding and what percentage the borrower contributes.

Let the crowd carry your development forward.

Funding is available for new build projects on land you have to develop or for heavy refurb opportunities where you need extra finance quickly.

In scenarios where a developer has land, it is strongly preferred that all planning permission and the necessary legal obstacles have already been taken care of.

So if you complete the form to request your funding, we can start talking straight away, and you can let the power of the crowd take you where you want to go.

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Property finance FAQs.

What sort of projects does UOWN finance?

Do investors get any equity or share of profits from projects?

Do I need to be an experienced investor/developer to list a project through UOWN?

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