Bridging finance.

Do you need cash to further your property development interests but you are faced with an obstacle? Use our bridging finance option to build your property portfolio using our crowdfunding platform.


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What are bridging loans?

A bridging loan for property development is the short term availability of cash for people who need it fast, or can’t yet release the cash they need.

The loan is usually paid back when the project is complete and you sell the property or refinance.

Why is bridging finance helpful?

You may be struggling to sell another property to release the cash for a new development, so bridging finance is a conduit to allow you to press forward with your plans.

The money can be in your account within a couple of days and it is essentially acting as a bridge to help you navigate a short term problem. This will then enable you to repay the loan quickly or turn it into a different form of finance, such as a mortgage.

Bridging finance for new and old properties

Loans can be for a ground-up development or for varying forms of renovation. If UOWN feels the need is justified and your plans have credibility and a clear exit strategy and back-up plan, a bridging loan could be available. We offer tailor made loans based on each project.

The facts and figures of our typical deals

70% maximum LTV

Finance from £25,000 - £5,000,000

Avg funding time of 28 days

Preliminary decisions reached in 48 hours

Apply for Bridging finance.

Funding is available for new build projects on land you have to develop or for heavy refurb opportunities where you need extra finance quickly.

In scenarios where a developer has land, it is strongly preferred that all planning permission and the necessary legal obstacles have already been taken care of.

So if you complete the form to request your funding, we can start talking straight away, and you can let the power of the crowd take you where you want to go.

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Bridging finance FAQs.

How long does it take to get a loan?

Will UOWN accept any exit other than sale?

Do you accept second charge securities?

How does UOWN control the refurbishment draws? Does the valuer inspect progress of works (and if so is there a charge for each visit?) or do you release against the borrower’s invoice, photos etc?