New Build Development Loans

Do you need help funding your new build property development? We can can help fund your project using alternative financing to secure the money you need.


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New build developer loans from UOWN.

To get your new build development project over the line, you need an injection of finance, and this is where UOWN can help.

All made possible by the power of the crowd.

An effective way to finance new homes

Getting funding in place to progress your new build development is crucial. It allows you to budget, to put a credible timescale and project plan together and it allows you to effectively press ‘Go’ on your dreams and to get people in new homes.

UOWN can help make that happen with our flexible development loans.

Mezzanine finance

Flexible finance to allow you to purchase any assets or secure a mortgage needed to hit your development goals, available with simple repayment terms.

Construction finance

Loan based on the cost of building a new development, not on the finished value of the property.

Bridging loan

Finance made available quickly and repaid quickly. This is ideal for meeting a gap in your funding, such as covering unexpected urgent payments on the project.

The facts and figures of our typical deals

70% maximum LTV

Finance from £25,000 - £5,000,000

Avg funding time of 28 days

Preliminary decisions reached in 48 hours

An alternative way to fund the creation of new homes.

The main benefit of partnering with UOWN for your residential development finance is that we have a readymade crowdfunding investment platform that has willing investors already lined up.

We can connect property developers wanting money with investors who are wanting to invest it. This allows you to request funding to be released as and when you need it, at different stages of the new-build development.

Apply for new build development finance.

UOWN can provide the answer to releasing the funds you need to complete your new-build property development, and without the need to go to mainstream banks.

We have a range of finance options available and can provide the one that perfectly suits your needs and circumstances.

So complete the form today, request your funding and let UOWN make your property development dreams come true.

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New Build Finance FAQs

Do I need to be an experienced investor/developer to list a project through UOWN?

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What happens if I can't repay?