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Our ethos.

By allowing people to invest in property and receive any rental income monthly while also sharing in any changes to property prices UOWN is aiming to democratise the world of property investment whilst educating and empowering its customers.

Prioritising simplicity in order make the platform accessible to those without property expertise is the aim.

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We promise.

To keep things simple.
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To remain transparent.
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To help you build your future.
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Our values.

UOWN was built and designed by those very familiar with the world of property. We are all too aware of extortionate rents, irresponsible landlords, excessive deposits and large letting fees. We don't agree with this mistreatment of renters. That is why we operate differently. We carefully vet our partners not just on how they act now but how they acted in the past. That's why our rental properties have affordable deposits, no letting fees and are designed to be much better for tenants.
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We believe that any investor big or small should have access to the same returns. Specialist knowledge and circumstance should be no barrier to great investment opportunities. UOWN stands for equality and putting the power firmly back in the hands of investors.
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We look to exemplify this trait in everything we do. From ensuring that our investors have access to high-quality investment opportunities through to working with award-winning architects to designing unique high-quality homes for people to live in.
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Our developments follow the same three principles listed above. We operate an open and responsible process, designed to protect our investors and ensure that they get the best deal possible. We do this to give investors access to opportunities regardless of experience or circumstance. We are committed to designing, developing and listing properties that people want to live in. No cookie cutter boxes here. No skimping to save the odd penny or two. We build spaces to be proud of.

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At UOWN we don’t only want to provide the opportunity to invest, we also want to provide the opportunity to give charity.

We list charity projects in conjunction with our carefully vetted charity partners. We believe that our partners are making a positive impact on the world, and we want to be able provide them a space to list projects that we can all get behind.

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