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Do I have to pay tax if the value of a property goes up?

In short, possibly yes, but it depends on individual circumstances that we can’t accurately comment or advise on.

The Chancellor removed tax relief on capital gains tax in 2018, so you must now pay more tax on the gain you make from selling a property that has increased in value, than you did previously.

Capital gains tax means that if you buy a house for £150,000 and sell it for £200,000, you pay tax on the £50,000 you gained from its increase in value.

You are responsible for your own tax affairs, so UOWN cannot give individual tax advice and we recommend that you seek this advice from a professional who knows and understands your individual circumstances.

It is your responsibility to declare your earnings and present your tax returns and these will include income you receive through a UOWN investment, whether that is rental income, capital appreciation or both.

Should you appoint a financial advisor, they will ask you about your UOWN investment and advise on its suitability in relation to your financial status, before you invest. So you will be fully informed on your tax responsibilities at the time of your investment.

All we can say is that the returns paid to you will already have been deducted of corporation tax, as that is our responsibility. After that, you must declare your returns and that may make you liable for capital gains tax.

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