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Selling your shares - Easy Exit Properties

For Easy Exit properties, UOWN guarantees to buy-back shares at current share price, minus a fee of 3% of the value of the shares. UOWN will buy-back your shares at any time (including while a deal is still funding) and you will typically have access to your money within three working days. This is different to our Resale Market properties where you must list your shares for sale and wait for them to be purchased by other UOWNers.

You can request to Easy Exit from the ‘Dashboard’ section of your account. When you are making an Easy Exit request you will able to see a breakdown of your total return for that investment, including the 3% Easy Exit fee. We aim to process all Easy Exit requests within three days, and in the future, our ambition is to give you access to your money within hours. You will receive an email once your shares have been purchased and the funds are in your UOWN account.

Key points:

●      You can Easy Exit at any time at the latest share price, including whilst a property is still funding.

●      There is a 3% fee to Easy Exit and this is calculated by taking 3% of the latest value of your shares.

●      Easy Exit properties will be subject to the normal 2% initial purchase fee.

●      The Resale Market will not be available on Easy Exit properties.

●      Like with Resale shares, the share price is listed to 4 decimal places (a hundredth of a penny), but when you sell your shares we will round the transaction to the nearest penny.

●      The share price will be updated once a quarter based on an independent surveyor’s report. For more information on how this is calculated please see our article about share valuations. For Easy Exit properties, UOWN may revalue the property more than once a quarter if we believe the price has changed.

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