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Selling your shares - Resale Properties

You can sell your shares whenever you like. When you do, those shares are sold at the current share price value. We work that out for you using the latest value of the property, plus any costs and taxes. We re-list your shares for you on UOWN and actively promote them to other users. We aim to sell them within three weeks and prioritise shares that were listed for sale earliest. We don’t charge you to sell your shares. And when we find you a buyer we tell you straight away and transfer the money to your account. Certain properties might be marked as Easy Exit and the selling process for these properties is explained here.

For each property we will open the resale market once all the funds have been raised, contracts have been exchanged, and the property has been revalued. We will aim to make a property available for resale as soon as possible after funding is complete. All investors will be informed via email when the resale market for a property is launched and they will be informed of the latest share price.

You can view your portfolio in the ‘Dashboard’ section and any properties available for resale will have a ‘List shares for sale’ button (as shown above). You will then be directed to the Sell Shares page (as shown below) where you can see the number of shares currently available on resale, the current share price, the potential proceeds of your sale, and the expected total return from your shares from rent as well as capital appreciation or depreciation. Once you list your shares they will be shown to users on the properties page and as soon as they are sold your UOWN account will be credited with the sales proceeds.

Key Points about the resale market

  1. You will not be charged any fees to sell your shares. The buyer of the shares will be charged the normal 2% plus a 0.5% stamp duty charge.
  2. Shares are sold at the current share price valuation and are sold on a first come first served basis.
  3. The share prices are listed to 4 decimal places (a hundredth of a penny), but when you sell your shares we will round the transaction to the nearest penny.
  4. The share price will be updated once a quarter based on an independent surveyor’s report. For more information on how this is calculated please see our article about share valuations.
  5. To make things clear and transparent UOWN starts all share prices at £1.00, and this makes it really easy to track how the price changes after a property is listed on the platform.
  6. You will continue to earn rent on your shares until they have been bought by another user. Your last rent payment will account for rental earnings up to the point of sale, so you will not miss out if your shares are sold halfway through a month.
  7. Your shares may be sold all at once, or in several small chunks. We aim to sell your shares within three weeks, but there is no guaranteed timescale - you will have to wait until there is a buyer for your shares, and be aware of the possibility that no buyer may be found for your shares.

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