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What information do I need to give?

Making an investment in property is a big step for you and a big responsibility for us. While we hope and expect to make money together, there are safeguards we have to put in place to protect both parties against schemes to defraud, misappropriate or launder money.

We take our responsibilities to protect against fraud and financial crime seriously and have a number of checks in place. You will be asked to give detailed personal information when signing up to UOWN and we take steps to verify this data. This is what you would expect from any bona fide investment and you should be worried if an investment vehicle DOESN’T ask for this information.

Initially, we just need basic details such as your name, address and email address. After that, we will need to know a little about your financial background in order to establish whether you understand what your investment is, what the risks involved are and whether you are in a suitable position to invest. Some of these questions and checks are a legal requirement of doing business.

If you invest over £1200 we are obliged to make additional checks and are required to keep a record of your ID, passport or driving licence. This also applies if you wish to withdraw £700 or more from your investment.

Please be assured these checks are in place to protect you and your money. Once we have checked your information and approved it, you have the green light and can invest or withdraw as much money as you like. Please also be assured that any information you give to us will be strictly controlled and protected by current GDPR regulations.

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