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Will I need to put more money in?

No, investors will not have to contribute any more money. All costs including bills and fees are funded from the Gross Rent. The risk of the largest unexpected costs, such as flood or fire, are mitigated through property insurance.

We collect a repairs provision upfront and also deduct a maintenance and upkeep allowance from the gross rent. These have been calculated based on many years of experience, and it is very unlikely that these allowances won’t be sufficient.

It is possible that a cost is incurred that is larger than Gross Rent, and may be unexpected and also uninsured. In such a scenario UOWN reserves the right to take out a loan which is secured against the property, to fund the expenditure. That loan is repaid from Gross Rent, and this impacts the investors’ returns accordingly. If this situation were to occur, the matter would be communicated clearly to existing and prospective investors alike in a clear, fair and transparent manner.

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