Property investment in Leeds.

Do you fancy investing in one of the north’s most prosperous regions?

Leeds could be the perfect solution to your investment needs. UOWN has a range of high performing property investment opportunities in Leeds.

Investing in property with UOWN is quick, easy, and accessible for all investment budgets thanks to our crowdfunding platform.

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Property investment performance in Leeds.

Leeds is a vibrant city and is the UK’s second largest metropolitan borough, with a population over 750,000. There is a high demand for city centre living and currently, there are multiple ongoing housing developments, so Leeds could be the perfect place to invest.

Leeds is where it is at, with an average house price of £192,530 in Leeds, up 5% on the year previously, experts predict a 20.5% price growth over the next 5 years for the Yorkshire region, compared to a national average of 14.8%.

Leeds is a well-established university city and with 65,000 students spread between seven full-time universities, there is huge demand for student properties in an area where rental yield in LS6 averages at 10.79% compared to 2.9% in London. It is clear that these numbers add up.


When you invest your capital is at risk

Leeds is on the up.

Recognised today as one of the fastest-growing cities in the UK, Leeds is looking to make an impact on the global stage which could make it a prime target for savvy property investors.

Contributing £66.5billion to the UK economy, Leeds boasts the largest financial, legal and digital sectors outside London and welcomed 29 million tourists to the city in 2017, who pumped £1.7 billion into the local economy. With world class universities, a thriving business sector - hosting the headquarters or key offices of HMRC, HSBC, Lloyds, Sky Betting & Gaming, Zurich, Deloitte and Allianz - and ongoing investment into residential, retail and leisure developments, Leeds has become a vibrant, challenging and innovative city.


When you invest your capital is at risk

Why Invest in Leeds Property?


Destination city for retail, business, leisure, nightlife, sport & culture.


Local economy has grown by almost 40% in the last decade.

In Demand

Rising population with a continued demand for housing.

What is happening next in Leeds?


Office developments such as Central Square and Wellington Place are bringing some of the UK's best financial, legal and digital companies to Leeds.


HS2 will trigger a £500 million development of Leeds rail station due to be completed in 2026.


South Bank Development – aims to double the size of Leeds city centre, bringing 35,000 jobs to boost the local economy by £7.8billion.


The £300million development of a new cultural neighbourhood will bring an innovative approach to modern living in the heart of the city.


Leeds has been announced as the home of Channel 4’s new national headquarters.


When you invest your capital is at risk

UOWN properties in Leeds.

We have diversity in our portfolio in Leeds, where our properties range from four-bedroom semis to seven-bedroom terrace houses, all located in the well-established student area of Leeds. These properties are steady performers where we can use historical data and our own experience to judge expected capital growth and offer potential rental yields between 6% and 9%, which is more than competitive when you look at other cities in the UK making these ideal for property crowdfunding investment.


When you invest your capital is at risk

UOWN Student Properties.

Village St.
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Lumley Avenue
Old Bakery Apartments
When you invest your capital is at risk

Many of our opportunities are situated in the Leeds student heartlands, home to the majority of the 65,000 students attending the three major universities.

Leeds is a growing and in demand city which has often been overlooked in favour of Manchester. This has meant it has flown under the radar in recent years and as the Manchester property market gets saturated, Leeds is the next city people are looking to for their returns.

Who or what is UOWN?

UOWN is simply lots of people all clubbing together to fund something bigger. In this case, that’s properties. Until recently, property investment was only available to a small number of people with large sums of money. Each active member of the UOWN community (a UOWNer) owns shares in one or more properties, alongside other UOWNers.

So property crowdfunding investment is not something to be afraid of, it’s just a group of like minded people pooling resources.


When you invest your capital is at risk

Why invest with UOWN?

Reduced risk* investment in an area of Leeds that is proven and profitable.
Clear and transparent information including whether the property is let for the next year and the expected net yield on your investment.
Larger rental yield % than the national average.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the UOWNERS today, register an account and invest.


When you invest your capital is at risk

* UOWN reduces the risk around its investments by following strict Due Diligence which includes evidencing past rental performance going back a number of years.