Student Accommodation Investment.

One digs at a time, UOWN is levelling the playing field of the student property investment market. By teaming up with an award-winning student lettings agency, Parklane Properties - UOWNers can look forward to a hassle-free investment where the management of the property is kept in safe hands.

With strong year-on-year rental yields and robust market prospects, student accommodation could be the ideal place to start your investment journey.

Investing in student property with UOWN is quick, easy, and accessible for all investment budgets.

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Why student property investment?

Student accommodation is one of the best types of property to invest in because it offers industry-leading returns and is seen by those in the know as a safe investment. Even during the credit crunch in 2008 and onwards, student accommodation has shown real resilience to the recession where other property classes have not.

If you pick the right area at the right time, investment in student property can provide great returns. It has become an increasingly common vehicle to secure healthy returns from property – just remember to keep an eye on how well the nearby universities are performing.

Despite the fact that tuition fees have increased considerably over the last decade, the amount of university places actually grew. Over the same period, the international student population burgeoned as young people flocked to the UK for their education at our prestigious institutions.

Once you’ve found a property in a popular student area, you should find that there’s constant demand from reliable, resilient tenants - even during periods of economic downturn. We have taken the hassle out of finding and vetting the ideal student property investment locations by curating student properties in Leeds for the UOWN platform.


When you invest your capital is at risk

Student property investment returns.

In the three years to 2016, North America has invested £4.3 billion into the UK’s student accommodation market, exceeding the UK’s own investment of £3.6 billion. Those across the pond are drawn to our good track record of high returns in the property investment market.

You can get a decent return on your investment from rental income, while gross yields can be around 10-12% in some areas of the UK.

Thanks to UOWN property crowdfunding you too can invest to get the best from the student property market.


When you invest your capital is at risk

UOWN Student Properties.

Old Bakery Apartments
Lumley Avenue
Eden Gardens
When you invest your capital is at risk

UOWN looks for student properties situated within student heartlands in major university towns with large student populations.

Leeds for example has a student population of over 65,000 and they are congregated within particular areas of the city that cater to their needs.

Our strategy is to go for properties with strong gross rents that have a long track rental histories going back five to ten years.

UOWN properties in Leeds.

We have diversity in our portfolio in Leeds, where our properties range from four-bedroom semis to seven-bedroom terrace houses, all located in the well-established student area of Leeds. These properties are steady performers where we can use historical data and our own experience to judge expected capital growth and offer potential rental yields between 6% and 9%, which is more than competitive when you look at other cities in the UK making these ideal for property crowdfunding investment.


When you invest your capital is at risk

Who or what is UOWN?

UOWN is simply lots of people all clubbing together to fund something bigger. In this case, that’s properties. Until recently, property investment was only available to a small number of people with large sums of money. Each active member of the UOWN community (a UOWNer) owns shares in one or more properties, alongside other UOWNers.

So property crowdfunding investment is not something to be afraid of, it’s just a group of like minded people pooling resources.


When you invest your capital is at risk

Why invest with UOWN?

Reduced risk* investment in an area of Leeds that is proven and profitable.
Clear and transparent information including whether the property is let for the next year and the expected net yield on your investment.
Larger rental yield % than the national average.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the UOWNERS today, register an account and invest.


When you invest your capital is at risk

* UOWN reduces the risk around its investments by following strict Due Diligence which includes evidencing past rental performance going back a number of years.