Retirement Investments

Have you planned an investment strategy for your retirement? SIPP and SSAS pensions are tax efficient ways to invest your money and grow your retirement nest egg.


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Investing in your future through UOWN

With UOWN you can invest your money with full control over where it is invested and full transparency on its progress.

All made possible by the power of the crowd.

You may only invest in commercial property for your pension.

Pension investments, accessible to everyone

We have two retirement investment options which are known as defined contribution pension schemes.

This means that the value of your pension pot at retirement is dependent upon the amount you pay in and the performance of your investments.


  • You can choose what your money is invested in.
  • You can choose what contributions you make and when you make them, ie. an occasional lump sum or a smaller, regular amount.
  • You receive a 20% HMRC tax relief on what you pay in.


  • A workplace scheme which is independently managed by the company.
  • No more than 11 members.
  • Members choose how the funds are invested and can invest in a range of assets.
  • 25% tax relief for basic rate taxpayers.

Invest with UOWN and take control of your retirement savings

Whether you want to take an active or passive interest in your pension fund investments, investing with UOWN can give you that flexibility and freedom.

Our investment platform offers complete transparency and the option to diversify and build your commercial property investment portfolio. So invest with UOWN and your retirement plans can begin today.

Retirement investments FAQs.

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What happens to my account and investments if I die?

Can I access my money early if necessary?

When do I get my capital and interest back?