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How to Stage a House for Sale

June 14, 2018

If you’re planning on putting your house on the market, there are many ways you can make your property even more inviting and appealing to potential buyers by staging your house to sell. There are companies that you can hire to stage your home, but UOWN has the inside scoop to things you can do that won’t cost you a small fortune.

staged house in the sun


1. Increase your curb appeal


According to Betsy Wilbur, a professional home stager from California USA and winner of the RESA 2015 Top 10 Redesigners of The Year™, “Staging can save you from a costly price reduction,” Wilbur says. “A staged home will sell for 17% more on average than a non-staged home, and 95% of staged homes sell in 11 days or less. That is statistically 87% faster than non-staged homes.”


With that in mind, we’ll start from the moment your potential buyer arrives to view your property. Many people make decisions as to whether they are interested in your home within 10 seconds of viewing the exterior, which means that first impressions do definitely count for a lot and can impact your sale.


Consider painting the exterior of your house a fresh shade of white or another light colour that fits in with your area and repaint your front door, then add some bursts of colour from plants or flowers. Make sure that you wash your windows and clean your porch to start off on the best foot.


2. Take a look at your walls and floors


When you are showing your house to a potential buyer, they need to be able to see the potential for their own style and how they can make it into a home for themselves. This is why many designers recommend using neutral colours for the walls of each room when you are about to go on the market, so your buyer can view them as a blank canvas.


A deep clean for all of your floors is highly recommended, but you could also consider varnishing any wooden floors to give them a rich colour and shine, and it also protects them against footfall. If you do not want to invest in varnish, the clever use of area rugs can go a long way when staging your house to sell.

large living and dining room space modern


3. Clean your house and clear away all clutter


Certainly the cheapest part of staging your house, making everything in your house sparkle from the floors to the windows can elevate your house and make it even more appealing to potential buyers. As a key step, you may want to hire professionals to clean your house from top to bottom, especially if you have a big property.

Next, you need to clear all kinds of clutter from your home. The idea is to give your visitors a blank canvas so they can envision themselves in your house, which is hard to do if there is a lot of personal items taking up space - even if you love the style of your house, you need to appeal to the mass market which might be the difference in getting the best price.


4. Add homely items


Now that you have cleared some of the clutter, you can have some fun picking out items to make your house more homely. Many designers would suggest simple additions like a vase of freshly cut flowers, a full fruit basket and using mildly scented candles, particularly those with a citrus scent as that reminds us of cleanliness and summer.


These items are particularly useful when deciding what to do with things such as dining tables, coffee tables or shelves that might be a bit too bare after removing your personal items and any clutter.

red flowers in vase on windowsill


5. Select personal objects carefully


Particularly for the bathroom, what you leave out has a high level of importance and needs to be chosen thoughtfully when staging your house to sell. For instance, bars of soap need to be clean, your towels should be spotless and any bins should be empty. You can choose to add some personal items like hanging a fresh white dressing gown on a hook which could be a nice addition to set the scene of the room, but if you have an older gown with patterns that don’t match your bathroom, you may want to keep it hidden.


6. Create a gender neutral master bedroom


Make sure you appeal to everyone by creating a gender neutral master bedroom for your potential buyers. You can achieve this by having neutral walls, crisp white bedding and removing your personal items but you can keep any curated artwork for your walls to add some sophistication.


grand master bedroom

7. Reorganise your closets


This is more for built in closets than free standing ones, but if you do have built in closets it’s very likely your potential buyers will want to sneak a peek to establish how much space they hold and how they can be used for their own items. With this in mind, making sure you have a neat and organised closet that shows off the features in terms of space can be a big selling point for your guests.

beautifully organised closet


8. Beware pet odours


Whilst we love animals, sometimes the smell can be unpleasant for people who do not have pets. Make sure that all rugs and furnishings like curtains and blankets are steam cleaned as well as hiding all of your little one’s favourite toys when viewings are booked.


little dog lying on bed in the sun

9. Stage the outside too


Even if you are dealing with a very small space, there is always a way of playing up the lifestyle you want to sell to your potential buyers and making tiny areas attractive when staging your house to sell. You can consider using a cute two-seater bistro set or flower troughs to add splashes of colours.


outside furniture women in the sun

10. Get an objective opinion


Sometimes it is very hard to have an objective opinion about your house, as it may have been your home for many years, so you are very used to your own environment. If you invite a family member or a friend to view your house, you will very likely find out that many things that you haven’t noticed might put off prospective buyers like bold colours or chips in paint.


In conclusion, staging your house to sell is setting the scene for your potential buyer so they can see themselves making your house their home, so make sure to consider the little details as well as the big changes that you can make.