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Property Bonds

Do you want a secure and passive investment opportunity that avoids some of the volatility and complexity of other investments?

Get into asset-backed lending and use the UOWN platform to invest in property bonds.

A low-risk way to make money

Property bonds are a way for investors to earn returns  while taking none of the risks associated with property development, simply by partnering with UOWN.

All made possible by the power of the crowd.

What is a property bond?

Also known as a property investment bond, this is a way for investors to earn money by offering a loan to a property developer.

We make a fixed agreement with the developer on the interest rate, how the loan is secured and when the loan will be repaid.

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Key benefits of Property Bonds

Property investment bonds are simple to understand and come with a range of benefits, including the certainty of knowing you will receive fixed, regular income.

Legally protected,

A legal charge ensures that your capital is repaid if the developer defaults on interest payments or can’t fulfil their financial obligations.

Risk-free against insolvency

Security also covers you against the developer becoming insolvent, in this case a sale of assets will repay your capital.

High fixed rate annual interest

Property bonds usually offer lucrative, predictable interest rates, due to the urgent need for finance from the developer.

Flexibility and liquidity

You can end the property bond agreement early via an early exit, although you will most likely lose out on some interest payments.

No hassle investments

The developer is doing all the work and needs all the skills and knowledge of the property market. You just provide the finance and leave the rest to them.


Property bonds are a different kind of financial investment which carry less risk than other investments, which makes them useful for diversification.

Why you should invest in property bonds with UOWN

Joining the power of the crowd with UOWN can bring some amazing benefits, such as:

  • We have a strong track record of providing credible and profitable investment opportunities.
  • We carry out due diligence on all our potential developers.
  • With the many other investment opportunities available on the UOWN platform you can quickly and securely build a diverse portfolio.

Property Bonds FAQs.

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