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Do I pay any fees for putting money into UOWN?

We do not charge any fees to top up your UOWN wallet. You can top up by Direct Debit, Card or bank transfer.

Once you come to invest we have two main fees:

2% transaction fee - this fee is charged when you invest into any property on UOWN, including properties on the resale market. For example, if you invest £50 you will be charged a fee of £1.

This transaction fee is the same whether you pay in by card or by bank transfer.

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0.5% Annual Fee (You may see this called the ‘SPV charge’) - this is an annual fee covers the ongoing admin costs of keeping UOWN awesome, property valuations and other exciting jobs like filing annual tax returns. The fee is calculated by taking 0.5% of the value of the property. For example, the fee for 8 Eden Gardens, which is valued at £180,000, is £900. This fee is deducted from the gross rent and is split proportionately amongst all the investors in a property. For example, if you had a £1000 (0.53%) share in 8 Eden Gardens your share of the Annual Fee would be 0.53% of £900 = £4.76.

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