Property Crowdfunding

Need an easy way to access property investments where you can choose how ambitious you want to be? Invest with UOWN to open up bigger opportunities through property crowdfunding.

Property crowdfunding is a flexible way to invest in property

All made possible by the power of the crowd.

What is property crowdfunding?

Property crowdfunding allows investors to earn returns by contributing to a property purchase or investment with any amount of money they choose.

Capital is raised by a community of investors all doing the same thing, and this allows the crowd to invest in a property or a development project, and earn returns from it.

How do you make money from property crowdfunding?

We have equity and debt based crowdfunding available within our property investment platform with aveerage project returns of 17.7%.

Equity crowdfunding

  • You invest in property shares via a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV).
  • You receive a proportional share of profit when the development is finished.

Debt crowdfunding

  • Secured lending where you invest money with the crowd and lend it to a property developer.
  • You earn interest from loan repayments.

Our property crowdfunding opportunities.

You can choose to invest in whatever type of development in the UK that suits you.

Property developments

  • You choose the type of property development that suits your ambitions and invest in a crowdfunded property finance loan or by taking an equity stake in the development.
  • You make money from the interest on the loan or from profits once the development is sold.

What property crowdfunding can offer you.

  • You can make an investment from £1 to £100,000+, to perfectly suit your ambitions and attitude to risk.
  • We make it simple to diversify your portfolio by investing in multiple vehicles and opportunities.
  • The buying power of the crowd opens up more exciting opportunities than if you were investing alone.
  • You can earn passive income from the property market and the UOWN platform lets you closely track the performance of your investments

Property Crowdfunding FAQs.

How long have UOWN been operating?

UOWN has been operating since 2016.

Can a company invest with UOWN?

Company directors or shareholders can invest through their company with UOWN. Simply register your account as a company and enter the required information.

Do I have shares (equity) in the projects I loan to?

This depends on the project. Our buy-to-let projects are all equity based properties. For developments you will need to check the details of each project to see if it is equity or debt based.

When do I get my money back?

For buy-to-let properties you will be paid your dividend return monthly on the 5th of the month. To get your capital back you will need to list your shares for sale on our secondary market or if the property is sold following a shareholder vote.

For developments you will get your capital and return back at the end of the project, when the borrower has completed their designated exit. If the borrower repays early, you will receive either your original capital and interest, or your capital and a calculated partial repayment of your interest depending on the contractual arrangement of the project.

UOWN is a trading name of U Own Exchange Limited. UOWN, 3rd Floor, Northgate, 118 North Street, Leeds, LS2 7PN

House prices can fall as well as rise and you may not get back all of the money you invest. Rates of return quoted on our website are estimates only and are not guaranteed. Investments are not protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

For more details please see our in-depth risk statement.