Property development investments.

UOWN is bringing property development investment opportunities to everyone. Traditionally property investment was only available to those with plenty of spare cash, however with our approach to crowdfunded property developments, everyone can get involved, whether you have a little or a lot to invest.

It has been said that there is always money in bricks and mortar, well we believe this to be true. Crowdfunded property development is an innovative take on a tried and tested business model and could be the perfect way to get a taste for property development.

UOWN is quick, easy, and accessible for all investment budgets.

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  • Why invest in property development?
  • Could it be better than my own development?
UOWN and investing
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  • Why invest with UOWN?

What is crowdfunded property development?

Put simply, it is like any other form of crowdfunding, but in this case, it is to fund the construction of houses or flats. Crowdfunded property development takes traditional property developments and raises some or all of the funds needed from the crowd. The benefit of this is that rather than the profits going to just a few investors, the money is split between the whole crowd based on how much an individual has invested.

Our aim is to keep it straightforward and clear. Property development made easy; where investments are simple to access, uncomplicated and rewarding. There is no hassle from actively managing the project, no large deposits or capital, no property chains, no jumping through hoops to gain access to finance and no day-to-day management. You can carry on doing your job and we’ll do ours; making money for you.


When you invest your capital is at risk

Why invest in a property development?

Property has long been seen as one of the safer bets when it comes to making a little (or a lot) extra money, and we believe this will continue in the future. Property is an evolving market and money can be made in new and exciting ways from a market where demand is currently outstripping supply.

You could see a larger return on your investment through investing in construction than the returns from buy-to-let investments. Developments are typically over a fixed shorter timespan, compared to longer term buy-to-lets.

Number of homes the UK needs to build each year to meet supply.
Amount UK house prices are expected to climb by between 2019 and 2023.

And with crowdfunded property development through UOWN you are:

Joining a crowd with the same goal.
Investing what you can afford in manageable amounts.
Earning money otherwise destined for large corporations and their executives.
Getting a professionally-managed service with transparent information.
Gaining access to a highly experienced property development team.

How could crowdfunding be better than my own property development business?

Less to do.

Crowdfunding removes the difficult decisions about capital, bridging finance, location, development, furnishing and marketing a property for sale.

Less to know.

There are no knowledge barriers to overcome to get the development off the ground and running smoothly.

Start with less.

There is no need to have large amounts of capital to get started. You can get all of the benefits of property development without the usual barriers to entry.

Find outmore about the crowd.

Who or what is UOWN?

UOWN is simply lots of people all clubbing together to fund something bigger. In this case, that’s properties. Until recently, investing in property developments was only available to a small number of people with large sums of money. Each active member of the UOWN community (a UOWNer) owns shares in one or more properties, alongside other UOWNers.

So property crowdfunding investment is not something to be afraid of, it’s just a group of like minded people pooling resources.


When you invest your capital is at risk?

Our process is simple.

Open an account with us in minutes.
Select a development to invest in.
Choose your investment amount.
Wait for the development to finish and property sales to get your returns

When you invest your capital is at risk.

The UOWN pledge to you.

Once you have made your investment, we oversee the project from inception through construction, furnishing and sale. Our tried and tested process is in place to ensure that our investors get the best deal for their money. Building contracts all go out to tender with highly detailed specifications to minimise potential disagreements with contractors. We also aim to secure returns to UOWNers ahead of developers to add an extra layer of safety to investors.

Why invest with UOWN?

By investing with UOWN you are boosting the UK economy by pumping money into much-needed new properties and helping first-time buyers who are struggling to get a foot on the property ladder. All the while targeting a good return for yourself. You could call it a "win win!"

So are you ready to become a property developer?


When you invest your capital is at risk