Meet the UOWNers

Each UOWNer has their own unique reasons for investing. We spoke to a few to hear their stories and why they chose to invest with UOWN.

Bruno - ‘The Ethical Investor’

bruno the ethical investor UOWN customer testimonial

Bruno is a Portuguese Nurse, after spending 16 years in the Portuguese Navy he came to England to work for the NHS. He first began investing in Portugal where he overcame the initial fears he had. He now looks for investments with values he feels are important and that resonate with him.

Gillian - 'The Aspiring Property Investor’

Gillian is a PHD student at Leeds University. After tragically losing her father she inherited some money that she wanted to use in a way that she feels he would approve of. A rather unknown fact about Gillian is that she is a GB snowboarder and likes to spend any time she can find on the snow. She plans to use the potential returns she will generate to allow her to travel as much as possible with her Mum.

Seth - ‘The First-time Investor’

Seth is an emergency medical technician with the Yorkshire ambulance service. He was first attracted to save with UOWN due to the low minimums. After investing in a few platforms he settled with UOWN due to it's ease of use, low minimums and because of the potential returns.

Joe - ‘The Young Saver’

Joe is 19 and studying at Leeds' College of Music. His aim is to save up to buy a vintage saxophone from the 1930's. He had never invested in anything prior to using UOWN and started out by putting in the minimum amount. After seeing returns come in after the first month he chose to save some more money that he had set aside. He really likes how inclusive crowdfunding is and loves the fact that he can invest into something that traditionally would have been unattainable.

James - ‘The Millennial Magpie’

James is an Analyst for the NHS. He has some experience of P2P Lending and other crowdfunding platforms but wasn't happy with the less than stable returns. He was attracted to UOWN because of our unique ability to pay rent even as we raise money for the property in question. He also has a lot of faith in the student rental market in Leeds.

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