Bruno: The Ethical Investor

Bruno is a Portuguese Nurse, after spending 16 years in the Portuguese Navy he came to England to work for the NHS. He first began investing in Portugal where he overcame the initial fears he had. He now looks for investments with values he feels are important and that resonate with him.

  • written by Sam Davies
  • published on Friday, January 15, 2021
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Bruno: My name is Bruno. I’m a Portuguese nurse, I’ve been working here since April.

UOWN: How did you find the platform?

Bruno: I didn’t have an issue. You have the properties there, so you just click on the ones you want. Then set the amount that you want to invest.

UOWN: How did you find the returns from UOWN?

Bruno: I think it’s a very good return for the money that you put in. So I have now £19,000 or so. My aim is to put £20,000 pounds in. So I will increase my investment a little bit more. At the moment, I think I’m earning yearly £1,200 and something. So it’s monthly a hundred and something pounds. So it’s actually a very good return on the money.

UOWN: Why did you invest with UOWN?

Bruno: I was looking for investing opportunities that have good values behind them and where I have a good feeling that it’s well-managed and that the people that are doing a good job for everybody.

UOWN: Would you recommend UOWN?

Bruno: If you are able to obtain more freedom in your life by investing (there’s always a risk, but there’s also a risk with money and jobs) But if you invest and you get a return doing something good and you get freedom to do whatever you want with your life, I think it’s a good thing to do.

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