Gillian: The Aspiring Property Investor

Gillian is a PHD student at Leeds University. After tragically losing her father she inherited some money that she wanted to use in a way that she feels he would approve of. A rather unknown fact about Gillian is that she is a GB snowboarder and likes to spend any time she can find on the snow. She plans to use the potential returns she will generate to allow her to travel as much as possible with her Mum.

  • written by Sam Davies
  • published on Friday, January 15, 2021
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Gillian: Hi. So I’m Gillian Finnerty. I’m a 25-year-old PhD student at Leeds University and I’m a GB snowboarder as well.

UOWN: Why did you invest with UOWN?

Gillian: I know that UOWN, the rental yield is about six percent and with the monthly direct debit, it’s a good way of putting all my extra cash to one side and making the most out of my investment.

UOWN: Why did you invest in Leeds?

Gillian: I just wanted something that was a bit more local and I actually could walk past the houses if I wanted to. But for other people that aren’t based in Leeds, it’s also really good because you know that Leeds has a thriving student population and you know there’s not going to be any issues of renting the houses out.

UOWN: How do you find the platform?

Gillian: It’s really easy to use and understand and you can see all the pictures of the houses and even the floor plans. So I could see exactly what I was investing into and I could see how much it was funded and the fact that it doesn’t have to be fully funded before you generate an income is really good and I think quite unique.

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