James: The Millennial Magpie

James is an Analyst for the NHS. He has some experience of P2P Lending and other crowdfunding platforms but wasn't happy with the less than stable returns. He was attracted to UOWN because of our unique ability to pay rent even as we raise money for the property in question. He also has a lot of faith in the student rental market in Leeds.

  • written by Sam Davies
  • published on Friday, January 15, 2021
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James: I’m James. I work as an analyst for the NHS.

UOWN: How do you find the returns from UOWN?

James: Some of the peer-to-peer platforms, you can go up to like 12 percent, maybe even a little bit higher. But with property crowdfunding like UOWN, I found that it’s a bit more stable in return because they’re the kind of properties that have been rented for a long time and it’s pretty unlikely they’re going to stand empty for a student year.

UOWN: How has your experience been with UOWN?

James: Through UOWN, I’ve only been with them a couple of months but I’ve been getting the regular monthly payments and it’s looking just over six percent return on my investment for the year.

UOWN: Do you have any investment goals?

James: In the future, I would like to go buy a property myself. So it will all help towards it really, all the interest.

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