Joe: The Young Saver

Joe is 19 and studying at Leeds' College of Music. His aim is to save up to buy a vintage saxophone from the 1930's. He had never invested in anything prior to using UOWN and started out by putting in the minimum amount. After seeing returns come in after the first month he chose to save some more money that he had set aside. He really likes how inclusive crowdfunding is.

  • written by Sam Davies
  • published on Friday, January 15, 2021
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Joe: My name is Joe. I’m 19 years old and I’m a jazz musician studying at Leeds College of Music.

UOWN: Why did you invest with UOWN?

Joe: I looked into UOWN and there’s a lot of information on the website about your ethos and the idea of bringing property investment to everyone and I like that idea and the fact that it’s a local company and properties are all based around Leeds.

UOWN: Did you decide to invest straight away?

Joe: Probably over a few weeks, I had looked at the company, kind of thought about it and looked at it again. Then when I found I had a bit of money spare, I decided to invest a bit into each of the properties. Then when I saw like it got the returns, then I invested some more afterwards.

UOWN: Have you invested before?

Joe: No, just savings accounts in banks before. The only investment that exists.

UOWN: Do you have any investment goals?

Joe: Currently saving up for a new saxophone. So any investments, anything that would help me towards that, that’s what I’m after really.

UOWN: What do you love about UOWN?

Joe: The fact that it’s a local company and how easy it is to use and you see your returns straight away. Like every month, you get your rent payments.

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