Seth: The First-Time Investor

Seth is an emergency medical technician with the Yorkshire ambulance service. He was first attracted to save with UOWN due to the low minimums. After investing in a few platforms he settled with UOWN due to it's ease of use, low minimums and because of the potential returns.

By Sam Davies6/12/20


Seth: I’m Seth, 24. I work for Yorkshire ambulance service as an emergency medical technician.

UOWN: Why did UOWN stand out?

Seth: It just caught my attention by being able to invest quite a small amount of money, advertised to me because I just didn’t have this big sorts of money – the other money to buy another house. But I like the idea of investing in property and UOWN kind of gave me the opportunity of being able to do that. So I could invest as little as like 20 quid.

UOWN: Do you have any investment goals?

Seth: Just saving for a rainy day really. 

UOWN: How did you find the returns from UOWN?

Seth: The returns came through quite quickly. I’ve used other crowdfunding websites and they’ve taken like up to six months to actually start getting anything from it. Whereas with UOWN, I got it straight away.

UOWN: How did you find the website?

Seth: Probably one of the easiest going. With other sites it can be quite a lot of phases before you actually do anything and you’re waiting such a long time to hear anything back as well. It just seemed quite efficient to me.

UOWN: What do you love about UOWN?

Seth: Really easy to use website. Money comes through very quickly and if you put some money in, you tend to get – you start seeing the rental income coming through within like a month or two whereas other sites I’ve used, six months until I started seeing any return and then they’ve got the amount wrong.

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