Tracey: The Buy-To-Let Investor

Tracey is Director of Daletech Electronics. She has commercial property investing experience but doesn't have the time to be a hand on property investor whilst running a company. She chose UOWN because she wanted to invest in property without the headaches.

  • written by Sam Davies
  • published on Friday, January 15, 2021
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Tracey: I’m Tracey Dawson. I’m the Managing Director of Daletech Electronics, a small electronics manufacturing company in Leeds.

UOWN: Why did you invest with UOWN?

Tracey: Actually, I was really interested in it because for me, investing in properties would cause me a problem in terms of tenants, looking after the property. So this was a great way of investing without having those responsibilities.

UOWN: Have you invested in anything before?

Tracey: We have done some property, commercial properties and obviously I’ve invested into pensions. But this was actually the first attempt at investing in other areas.

UOWN: How does UOWN compare to buy-to-let?

Tracey: This is so much more simple. I don’t have to worry about tenants. I don’t have to worry about maintenance, insurance. It’s all done for me. All I need to worry about is the income that’s being generated.

UOWN: How have the returns been with UOWN?

Tracey: Well, obviously I found them much better than other things, which is one of the major reasons that I invested. But it was really good being able to look on the website and actually see the returns and that made a lot of difference.

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