UOWN's First Development

This is the story of UOWN's first development: Village Street.

  • written by Haaris Ahmed
  • published on Friday, January 15, 2021
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Property developments are the most popular investments on the UOWN platform. These investments typically involve the UOWN crowd partnering up with an experienced developer build new homes or to enhance existing housing stock. On the UOWN platform everyone wins: developers get access to finance, investors get access to exciting developments, and new homes are built.

  • UOWN’s first development.
  • £65,188 funded in just 21 hours.
  • Delivered a return of 21.2% in 7 months vs. a projected return of 14.99%
  • 72 different investors.

Village Street was the first development opportunity offered on the UOWN, and the first in a series of collaborations between UOWN and The Parklane Group. The project involved raising funds from the crowd to convert a four bedroom property into a six bedroom property, including a basement conversion and new bathrooms and kitchen. Capital uplift was achieved by increasing the rental income potential of the property. The video tour below shows off the high quality of the finished product.

The feedback from investors in this project has been overwhelming positive, and 90% of the investors would recommend investing in future projects to friends and family. This is hardly surprising given that the annualised return of this project was more than 33%. Many investors only negative feeling was that they wish they had invested more. The word cloud below shows the positive feelings UOWNers had about this investment.

Property developers are also excited about UOWN's model. Naveen Ahmed from Parklane Properties said that“working with UOWN has allowed us to finance projects that we might not have had the resources to take forward. I know that there are lots of developers out there that need cash to unlock some great sites, and I think UOWN is the solution.”

The UOWN team have been hard at work sourcing more exciting development opportunities, and we have built up a strong pipeline. If you want to be the first to hear about future opportunities sign up to our developments mailing list

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