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How much money will I earn?

We cannot say exactly how much you will earn as this depends on how much you invest, which opportunities you invest into and how long you hold those investments amongst many other things.

Every property has a different projected net rental yield and every property has different opportunities for capital growth as well.

As an example, If you invested £10,000 in a property on the platform with an net rental yield of 9%, you would expect to receive £900 per year in rental income (i.e. £10,000 x 9%). This would mean an estimated income of £75 a month, which would be paid directly into your UOWN wallet. You are free to then reinvest or withdraw those funds.

Any capital gains or loses would be in addition to this net rental yield. We update the value of the properties every 3 months and this will update the value of your shares, but you must sell your shares to realise any change in the share price. The combination of income, capital gains and our charges would give you a total return.

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